What SWECA Does!



A core element of our efforts is to improve schools and programs by securing discretionary funding that address priority needs be it facilities, curriculum, training, safe schools, or extended learning. We use a comprehensive detailed approach to our application process.

84% of our grant applications have been funded. This has provided over $75 million in new moneys to our clients. 

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We are familiar with all aspects of financial and administrative  management and are able to assist, train, and provide  oversight 

to ensure your organization and it's programs 

are managed effectively.

SWECA is able to assist in professional development opportunities to ensure your staff is both highly trained and qualified in all aspects of your program needs.

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Our consultants have extensive and successful experience in leadership and staff development. They are trained in effective classroom strategies and methods to improve staff performance, build bridges in communication, and develop greater effectiveness in your staff leadership.

All training and mentoring is based on the standards established by the National Staff Development Council.

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Our approach to curriculum development is planned, purposeful, and progressive. We utilize a systematic process to create positive improvements in your educational system. We will clearly align all curriculum objectives with State Academic and CTE Standards. 

SWECA has facilitated the development and mapping of district curriculum in all core subject areas. We specialize in using a methodology which integrates staff training into the curriculum development process. We have extensive experience in assisting non-profit educational programs in the development of their individualized curriculum. Each curriculum our company designs is created to meet your program needs, goals, and objectives. 

Several of our curriculum designs have been brokered internationally!

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Our approach to Compliance Protection will provide you with the assistance you need to create a more cost-effective streamlined vehicle for research education, as well as a more productive, seamless educational experience.  

We will  will act on your behalf in responding to compliance notices, and reports. Our staff is highly qualified and are able to assist you in navigating and complying with all restrictions, guidelines, and requirements set forth by local, state, federal, and IRB mandates. 

We are experienced in all aspects of research infrastructure, training, compliance, and oversight mechanisms. 

Our experts will be able to provide you with both real-time updates and personalized service. We will ensure your program's research integrity.

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SWECA provides comprehensive Evaluation Designs which ensure program compliance with state and federal mandates. Our staff is able to construct and pilot validated instruments. Our Evaluation Tools are tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients and their programs.  

The comprehensive multi-layered approach used in our design process ensures that your program will continue to meet your compliance needs for both research and program funding. 

Our specialists are experienced in statistical analysis and are able to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data. We are able to utilize this information to showcase your successes and develop necessary improvement plans. 

Our goal is to help you provide the best possible educational opportunities for your students. 

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