About Us


Who We Are

 Southwest Educational Consulting Associates Inc. was incorporated as a minority owned Arizona corporation on April 9, 2004. As qualified professionals, SWECA and its consultants have provided general management services, supported educational reforms, conducted leadership training, evaluated schools and programs, evaluated internal controls, and facilitated the development and mapping of curriculum for school districts.

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What We Do

Administrative Services: Because of our expertise, schools, non-profits, and educational agencies have sought out SWECA to support their administrative functions in numerous and diverse ways.  SWECA has administered Federal and State Programs, assisted with the start up of major projects, developed personnel evaluation systems, conducted organizational efficiency and effectiveness audits, facilitated resolution of audits and program non-compliance findings, coached administrators, designed and conducted professional development programs, facilitated strategic planning, supported the planning and construction of schools, established non-profit organizations and refined programs for adjudicated and at-risk youth.

Program and School Improvement: Consultants have successfully facilitated reforms that have resulted in improved student achievement. They have facilitated the development and implementation of improvement plans, served as external facilitators and worked to build and strengthen internal organizational leadership.

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How We Work

Work performed by SWECA consultants must meet the highest professional standards, be able to withstand critical scrutiny, and exhibit state-of-the-art practices.

SWECA works with its clients to develop a scope of work which addresses the needs of the school system and establishes performance accountability.

SWECA is accountable for its work, the conduct of its consultants, and interactions with others. Our work and methodology reflect impartiality, understanding and insight to our clients needs. In this regard, SWECA recognizes a responsibility not only to support its clients, but to serve and benefit the community at large.

We work hard  to provide our clients with the three S's

Continued Success

Quality Service

Complete Satisfaction

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