InternationaL Business



SWECA was hired to develop, translate, and  adapt the MetroMatematicas curriculum used in Sonora Mexico. MetroMatematicas proposes an educational model which moves towards teaching mathematics in a very practical and scientific way. It is the first educational model that combines the science of metrology, the scientific method, and mathematics all taught in a laboratory to practice solving problems in the real world. It helps students develop critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork skills.

SWECA was also hired by the CREO Project for Career Readiness in Santa Cruz County Arizona to find funding for this STEM initiative, provide project management services, and provide project evaluation services for this exciting endeaver. 

United Arab Emirates

SWECA was contracted by the International Namaa Association Research and Development and the DISCOVER Project  at the behest of  the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education  to provide both Project and Business Management Services for their new and exciting assessment program. We provide administrative services, finance management, payroll services, project oversight, organization development, communication services with Namaa,  the United Arab Emirates and DISCOVER.

The DISCOVER Project founded by Dr. June Maker initiated it's research in partnership with the University of Arizona. It then developed the Discovery Assessment which not only identifies gifted students at any age with students in any language, but also identifies the strengths of all students assessed and will help develop a plan for individualized educational goals.

The Ministry of Education for the United Arab Emirates contracted with the Discover Project  to translate their learning assessment into Arabic, and adapt it to suit their country's system of education and their cultural needs. They are now training staff in the United Arab Emirates to administer the assessment.